… I want to tell a story

… The creation brings me happiness

… I love the journey it takes me on

… I want to

… It’s my world

… That’s how I evolve

… What’s life without it!

… It challenges me

… It’s a part of me that’s out there in the world to stay

… It’s my calling

… I grow as a person every time I create

… It empowers me

… It makes me see things I usually would not see

… It defines my personality

… It makes me ‘feel’

… It opens my mind to different possibilities

… It drives me to better myself.

I spent some time this morning thinking about why I love creating so much. I wanted to list down the reasons for myself and so I started writing it down. The more I wrote the clearer it was to me. Why I do what I do. Why I love photography or pottery or craft activities with my kids or home decor or basically creating anything.  Have you thought about what you love about creating?


Shruti Moghe