About Me

I’ve grown up around art since my mother is an artist and so was my grandmother. I’ve always been naturally drawn to making things; Pottery, knitting, crafts, doodling, jewellery making, stitching and making unique décor things for spaces, among many others.

When I was sixteen, I did a photography workshop and it triggered my curiosity for the art. My dad had given me his precious Asahi Pentax film camera which was almost 15 years old but I loved spending time exploring it. Its built in light meter was kaput so I had to guess the readings and learnt everything by trial and error. I spent many hours with the Pentax capturing anything or anyone I could get hold of. The learning began here.


About My Style

I explore the extraordinary in the ordinary to create unique and timeless photos. My experiences have made me a sensitive, natural light lifestyle photographer. I’m in love with capturing the ‘feel’ of moments unfolding around me. I celebrate life. My values, my universe, my philosophy helps shape me and my creations. It’s the mind that creates images; the camera merely captures them. My style has been largely defined by being a parent myself (My tribe section can tell you more about it if you like!).


About My Tribe

My husband and best friend is my rock solid pillar of strength. He makes me truly happy. And that reflects in the work I do. He’s an absolutely exceptional business mind with unbelievable clarity of thought … sensitive, focused, simple and hardworking. He motivates me, hears me out, gives critical advice and guides me. He completes me.

In 2012, I became a mother to Viraj, my firstborn sweetheart and later to Anandi, my wild and fun loving darling…