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To see you through my lens would be delightful. So come join me in exploring what it takes to do so.

The first step is to get a shoot date. Plan dates well in advance. We then plan for the shoot after confirmation of the date. Details of everything are discussed at this time about clothes, locations, concepts, etc. Detailed styling tips will be given too. We talk about life, what your kids or you like, sometimes about what my kids are like!!! It’s important for you to know me as much as it is for me to know you. We work together at every step of the planning beforehand. Shoot day is all about go with the flow, having fun, sometimes doing what we planned but mostly about the unplanned raw stuff that’s unique to your family or you. Be prepared to laugh, cuddle, kiss, play and hang out. I’ll just be around with my camera. It’s that easy!

Here are the 4 types of sessions I offer:

  1. Immediate family shoot (for up to 4 people, Could be one person, a couple or a family of three or four, and id love to include your canine family too!)
  2. Extended family shoot (with no limit on the number of people)
  3. Newborn shoot (specifically for a newborn baby, his/her sibling -canine or human and the baby’s parents)
  4. Portrait sessions to focus on you being your amazing self and me trying to capture that amazingness in images!

If you would like more information and details for any one or all of the shoots, please hit the button below, enter your email address and I’ll send all the details!
Do read up the About - My Style to know more about the focus of our shoots together.

Gift A Shoot

Gift a Shoot is a great way to gift memories to someone you love. Gifting memories and not things, make for the best gifts and I’m here to do just that for you. So if you would like to gift a shoot to someone, I have a gift card that you can simply hand over to them. Simple, easy, personal and full of love.

Have you ever considered gifting someone memories? Say, your best friend is expecting and you want to give her something special, a pregnancy shoot or baby shoot is something that will stay with them a lifetime. Your gang wants to gift something to one of your peeps, think of a shoot. Someone you hold dear to you has just lost some weight and you want to show your love and appreciation, give them a portrait session. There’s nothing like a timeless gift of photos that will stay with them forever…

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