About My Style

I explore the extraordinary in the ordinary to create unique and timeless photos. My experiences have made me a sensitive, natural light lifestyle photographer. I’m in love with capturing the ‘feel’ of moments unfolding around me. I celebrate life. My values, my universe, my philosophy helps shape me and my creations. It’s the mind that creates images; the camera merely captures them. My style has been largely defined by being a parent myself (My tribe section can tell you more about it if you like!).

I want to capture your real bonds and connections that will always have a fondness in your heart whenever you look back at the images. These photos will only grow in value. Change is inevitable; babies grow up, we grow older but the chapters of ‘now’ should live on through these images in our book of life.

I shoot in natural light. Only. Always. It challenges me, excites me and keeps me thinking on my toes. I love the way it’s always different and fascinating. That’s what makes every shoot different and unique, just like each of us.

I love to plan things before the shoot, and then leave the rest to what’s meant to happen on the shoot day! Go with the flow and have fun!

Ps. If we do a shoot together, I will walk into your wardrobes and go through anything that I think will look stunning in our shoot!! You have been warned!