Shruti Moghe

A self-made photographer, a mother to 2 fascinating kids, an artist at heart, an entrepreneur, a romantic and a person who believes there are no shortcuts to hard work.

I’ve grown up around art. My mother is an artist and so was my grandmother. I’ve always been naturally drawn to making things; Pottery, knitting, crafts, doodling, jewelry-making, stitching and making unique décor for spaces, among many others.
My journey into serious photography started in 2004. It made me happy and the bond got stronger. I had to convince my parents then to let me pursue it as a career. I had one year to prove it to them (and to myself) that I can do this. I assisted a photographer in Kerala and was part of the Kerala tourism stills and video team. I then worked with 3 stock image banks over the next 4 years viewing thousands of photographs along the way (which has been my best teacher). It’s been a journey of trials, beliefs and immense learning.

I’m a simple girl next door, looking for magic in the everyday, celebrating everything and everyone imperfect and perfect. I love every bit of what I do and I put my heart and soul into doing it.

I love what I do.