About My Tribe

My husband and best friend is my rock solid pillar of strength. He makes me truly happy. And that reflects in the work I do. He’s an absolutely exceptional business mind with unbelievable clarity of thought … sensitive, focused, simple and hardworking. He motivates me, hears me out, gives critical advice and guides me. He completes me.

In 2012, I became a mother to Viraj, my firstborn sweetheart and later to Anandi, my wild and fun loving darling. I understood so much more about life. I’ve felt my babies move inside me, I’ve gone through labour, I’ve had sleepless night and phases of figuring out how to be a good parent first and balance my love for photography… I’ve seen them grow, smile, go through milestones, and felt proud as a parent. Along the way, I have captured their growing up. I look back at those memories with fondness in my heart.

That’s us. This is why I love what I do and do what I love. This is my tribe and this is our story.

I KNOW what it means to capture ‘love’. I know because I’ve been there… through the hard bits and the fun parts. Each one of them here, has moulded me to become a better person and a sensitive lifestyle photographer among many other things.